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John Wong's Institute of Prediction Technology & Forensic Mathematics (PT&FM)
Technician: John Wong
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John Wong's University of Biblical Prophecy Science (Post Doctoral degree course)

13.Wong's Prediction Technology: How to distinguish False Christ and genuine Christ by mathematics ?

10.Wong's Prediction Technology: Jesus Christ will return on Thu.,17th Dec.,2054: 445B.C.+50x49+49=A.D.2054

The Mystery of Holy Bible: Jesus Christ will return on Thu.,17th Dec.,2054: 445B.C.+(7x70)x5+49=A.D.2054

9.Wong's Prediction Technology: The Great Tribulation of the World is 21 years, 2034-2054

The Mystery of Holy Bible: A.D.2034 China will unify Taiwan.

0.Wong's Forensic Mathematics: Dark matters (stars) & Time Genetics

8.Wong's Forensic Mathematics: Why did twins Jessie Presley die but Elvis Presley alive ?

7.Wong's Forensic Mathematics: Will Donald Tsang Yam-kuen (曾蔭權), 2nd Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR, be imprisoned ?

6.Wong's Forensic Mathematics: Israeli air strike killed Sheikh Ahmed Yasin (1936-2004)

5.Wong's Forensic Mathematics: A passenger on Malaysia Airlines MH370, Feng Dong (馮棟)

4.Wong's Forensic Mathematics: Who hijacked Malaysia Airlines MH370 on 8th Mar.,2014 ?

3.Wong's Forensic Mathematics: Assassination of John Kennedy & Rejection of Transplantation

2.Wong's Forensic Mathematics: Kidnapped MH370 Plane Crashed at 8N,87E

1.Wong's Forensic Mathematics: Distinguish Biological Father & Daughter

11.Wong's Prediction Technology: How to make you wealthy by mathematics ?

8.Wong's Prediction Technology: The richest woman in Asia, kidnap & death of Nina Wang, 1937-2007

7.Wong's Prediction Technology: How to forecast life limit, death of Sita Chan, 1987-2013 ?

6.Wong's Prediction Technology: How to forecast disasters of USA, A.D.2034-2053 ?

5.Wong's Prediction Technology: Pneumonia, Sick & Death, War in 2014

4.Wong's Prediction Technology: Mr. President, can you avoid the nuclear war in 2039 ?

3.Wong's Prediction Technology: Time Genetics 2012 & DNA of Events

2.Wong's Prediction Technology: Forecast Earthquakes & Decoding War of Pearl Harbour

1.Wong's Prediction Technology: Forecast Nuclear Wars & Decoding Barack Hussein Obama